Community Guidelines

This is a quick informal guide to help users understand our content moderation policy. For a comprehensive document please see our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, those are the overriding documents in all cases.

Our main guidelines –

  • Above all, be respectful. Remember the human on the other side of the screen. These are your neighbors, don’t say anything that you wouldn’t say to your neighbor in person. Disagreements will happen but please keep it respectful. 
  • No selling or buying. This site is intended to share knowledge, not to push commercial interests that don’t benefit the larger community. This ban includes all discussion related to MLM products, sales, and recruitment.
  • No partisan politics. There are plenty of places online to discuss partisan issues, please don’t post it here. Local municipal topics are welcome.

Also remember –

  • Don’t share someone else’s personal information. This includes links to and screenshots of social media pages with names still legible.
  • Don’t incite or mislead. Don’t organize witch hunts, target users for harassment, or spread baseless conspiracy theories that have been debunked. 
  • Don’t spam. Inevitably local businesses will be mentioned but keep the discussion organic. If you’re affiliated with a company you’re talking about, mention that. Any discussion about a business should benefit the Ask Huntsville community first, not the business.
  • To keep questions legible and search-friendly, we may tweak the spelling and grammar of submitted questions.
  • We may remove any offensive content that isn’t appropriate for all ages.

Users who violate these guidelines may have their content removed and account suspended.